Where Local Ingredients greet the World!


Where Local Ingredients greet the World!

The Global Palate Restaurant is dedicated to using local and seasonal ingredients. Most of are vegetables are gardened locally from either our own garden, RSK or Maynard Farms. Our eggs are from our farm, which is located less than 5 miles from the restaurant. All our fish is  wild and we keep a close eye on the Seafood Watch to make sure we are not using any overfished seafood. All our meats all-natural & local most are from Claude Osterhoudht in Stone ridge and our chicken and some pork is from Northwind Farm in Tivoli.  Duck and Rabbits are from John Fazio Farms in Gardiner.                        

So if you want to go green... go Global. 

Have dietary restrictions?  Don't worry.  The Global Palate has plenty of options for all our guests.  If you are vegan or gluten intolerant we can prepare something for you. There are already a number of things on the menu that are gluten free.  Please don't hesitate to inform your server of any dietary needs.

The Global Palate has a wine list of over 70 different bottles from around the world including NY state wines as  well as organic wines. In the mood for a martini...We have three different organic vodkas for you to choose from as well as a vast array of other global favorites. Are you curious about single malt scotch? We have seven single malt scotches as well as some fine small batch bourbons.  Keep on the look out in the winter for our wine or scotch dinners which will be posted under special events.

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