Global Palate Restaurant

Everything is made in house from the bread to the sausage to the ice creams. The Global Palate is dedicated to giving their customers all-natural, hormone free meat, as well as sustainable fish. The beef is all-natural, grass fed pasture raised from North Wind farms in Tivoli as do our chicken & pork. Our duck comes from John Fazio Farms in Modena, NY. The majority of the vegetables we use are gardened locally such as RSK Farms, Maynard’s Farm & our own garden. The eggs are gathered from the chef’s chickens daily.


Wednesday-Saturday Dinner:

5 pm- 9 pm
Sunday Brunch: 10am-2pm
Sunday Dinner: 5pm-8pm

Open Valentine's Day

Open St. Patrick's Day

Open Easter

Open Mother's & Father's Day

Open Thanksgiving

Closed Black Friday 

Open Christmas Eve

Closed Christmas

Open New Years Eve

Open New Years Day for Brunch

Our Story

Think Global &

Eat Locally.